Vendor!!! Pre-Register While Space is Available!

Spectator Entry

Thursday: $10 per person

Friday: $10 per person

Saturday: $10 per person

Children 12-under free.

Free Spectator Parking

VENDORS Registration:

Vendor spaces :

Vendor set-up is Thursday, gates open at 8am.

$100 for the 3-day show, ALL THE SPACE YOU WANT! Includes two Adult passes.

For vendors coming in with multiple tow vehicles and trailers, WE WILL BE CHECKING VEHICLE REGISTRATIONS at the gate to verify it is ONE VENDOR and their stuff, not two vendors sharing a space. If the two tow vehicles aren’t registered to the same person, we’re going to have to charge you for a second vendor space. (This is not an unreasonable policy.)

So please be ready to show your vehicle registration if you are coming in as one vendor, with two trucks and trailers.

Our spaces are “all the space you want,” but please don’t take more than you NEED. If you come in with an 18-wheeler, that’s GREAT! But please don’t take an entire row all by yourself. We’re working on the Honor System here.

NO un-trailered cars for sale allowed in swap meet spaces. Cars on trailers only in swap meet area. Running/driving cars for sale may not be unloaded and parked in swap meet area.
This is to keep vendors from selling multiple cars in the swap meet area at $100 for all the space they want, while others are selling a single car in the car corral for $100.

If we still have spaces available on October 1, they will be $150 for the weekend for all the space you want (no single-day entries), on Thursday morning. Watch our website for availability.

Vendor Money-Back Cancelation Guarantee!

Charlotte Auto Fair: Canceled.
Hershey: Canceled.
Perry GA Swap Meet: Canceled.
Barber Motorcycle swap meet: Canceled.

Commerce 3-Day NOT canceled

Vendor Money-Back Cancelation Guarantee!
It is very unlikely the State of Georgia will shut our show down, given their actions up to this point not only with our monthly swap meet but with other events around the state. If the Commerce 3-Day Swap Meet does get Covid Canceled by the state, we will issue all the vendors a full refund of their entry fee.
I know vendors have gotten burned by other swap meets keeping their money and applying it to next year’s events…. that’s BS.  I can’t do that and sleep well at night.
If we get Covid-Canceled, you’ll get your money back.
You have my word.
Brad Ocock
NE GA Swap Meet

For more information, and to register for the Commerce 3-Day Swap Meet, go to, or call (706) 424-5035

NE GA Swap Meet presents the Driven Events October 3-Day Swap Meet
October 8-10 (Thursday-thru-Saturday)
at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia.

Driven Events has produced the NE GA Swap Meet for over 15 years, with seven years at the Atlanta Dragway. Our first show at the Dragway had 35 vendors, and 200 spectators… our shows are now nearly ten times that big, averaging more than 300 vendors per show for 2020, including this year’s May, June, July and August swap meets.

With the announcement of October’s Charlotte Auto Fair being canceled (after most other swap meets were canceled in the spring of this year), we decided to put on a 3-day swap meet in October.

We’ve had very little time to put this together, but with the strength and success of our monthly one-day shows (that are really half-day shows), we’re expanding our existing model to keep things simple (and helpful) for everyone. To that end, we are allowing vendors all the space they want for just $100 for the whole weekend. Car corral spaces are also just $100 for the weekend—both significantly cheaper than other 3-day swap meets. Vendors are welcome to camp in their spaces, at no additional charge.

Spectator entry is also cheaper than other swap meets, at only $10 per adult per day, and no additional charge for parking.

The 3-day event will run until 5pm each day, with gates being secured at 7pm each evening. We will have overnight security for vendors.

The fenced pit area at the Atlanta Dragway has enough space to hold at least 700 vendors, and 200 car corral spaces. With our ½-day shows bringing in more than 300 vendors every month, we expect the 700 vendor spaces and 200 car corral spaces for the 3-day show to sell out quickly—so don’t hesitate to secure your spots on our Registration Page! Spaces are pre-registered only.

Like our monthly swap meets, vendor spaces are not assigned, and will be first-come/first served… but honestly, there’s not a bad space in the place. The layout of our vendor rows is easy, and spectator traffic flow patterns are intuitive and logical—no vendors will be passed-over or missed by the spectator traffic.

Driven Events has also produced the Gear Jam Vintage Drags at the Atlanta Dragway for five years, and with the experience gained from our two events, we’re expecting an excellent turn-out, and well-managed October 3-Day Swap Meet; that said, with the short lead time, some details are bound to be overlooked, and we will definitely discover things we’ll want to change or do differently for next year’s 3-day swap meets, so please bear with us—especially with COVID Guidelines and procedures being a constantly moving goal post.

We’ve had zero problem implementing and following Georgia’s COVID guidelines for our March-thru-September events, and do not see that changing, no matter what they throw at us. And unlike other states, Georgia’s hotels and restaurants are open for business, so no worries about you feeding or housing your crew during the event.

So we’ll see you October 8-10 for one of the best swap meets in the South East!

Vendor Pre-Registration:

Pre-Registration closes September 30.
We are limited to 700 vendor spaces, 200 car corral spaces, and expect these both to be sold out during pre-registration, so don’t miss out!

We WILL be taking in-person registration at the September 5 NE GA Swap Meet, Room 201 in the tower, beginning at 11am.

Car Corral - ALL THREE DAYS!!!

Car Corral Spaces:

$100 for the 3-day show, per vehicle, includes two Adult passes.

Running cars ONLY.

No cars on trailers in car corral.

If we still have spaces available on October 1, they will be $150 for the weekend (no single-day entries) on Thursday morning. Watch our website for availability.

Golf Carts and Other Small Vehicles

Golf cars and personal mobility scooters are allowed.

Golf carts MUST have a tin can (steel, not an aluminum Coke can) tied to the front bumper, dragging on the ground to alert those around you. This is mandatory. Anybody seen without a can dragging the ground will be asked to park their golf cart outside the fence. Most other large swap meets do not allow golf carts because of cart/pedestrian accidents; we are allowing them, so long as the cart has a can to let people know it’s coming.

NO minibikes, motorized scooters, skateboards, go carts or motorcycles allowed to drive inside the swap meet area. No exceptions.

NO children under 16 allowed to drive golf carts.

NO children on bicycles.